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High Efficiency Heating Cooling Cycle Steam RHCM Injection Molding Temperature Controller

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High Efficiency Heating Cooling Cycle Steam RHCM Injection Molding Temperature Controller

Good Quality High Efficiency Heating Cooling Cycle Steam RHCM Injection Molding Temperature Controller Sales

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AODE
Certification: CE & ISO9001:2000
Model Number: AFCH
Detailed Product Description

High Efficiency Heating Cooling Cycle Steam RHCM Injection Molding Temperature Controller
High-gloss & non-mark with rapid heating and cooling injection moulding technology system is also called one of the molding technologies as RHCM(Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding), this technology improves the moulds' surface temperature rapidly through the way of 180℃ heat water or high temperature steam etc,make the mould's surface temperature reach to over Tg Glass Transition Temperature,then starting injection moulding progress, when mould filling process is finished transferred into use cooling water as cooling media to decreasing the mould's surface temperature rapidly,thereby changing the plastic products' surface characteristics.
    High-gloss steam mould temperature control unit mainly adopts high temperature steam, inject high temperature steam after injection molding machine closing, first increase the mould’s temperature to the setting point, then shooting rubber into cavity, after injection machine finishes pressure maintaining switchs into cooling down, start injecting cooling water, mould’s temperature drops to the setting point rapidly then opening mold, after that blowing air into moulds to blow cooling water away completely, finish the whole injection pocess. The whole product uses components imported from Europe and America, insuring machines’ long-term stability and life span, such as: Siemens﹑SPECK﹑Grundfos﹑WEST﹑Burkert﹑Moeller,etc.
Reasons To Solving the Bond Lime


Content to improve


Bad appearance

Lustrous surface(remit line eliminate,stripe eliminate)

1.High quality
2.Cut down the cost

Low liquidity

1.Thin-walled forming
2.Thick-walled forming
3.High-accuracy forming
4.Low-liquidity resin

2.Short molding cycle
3.Wide application

High residual stress

1.Eliminate residual stress
2.Eliminate distorted

2.Suitable for optical products

This technology has been adopted by those manufacturers that have large production of auto parts or FDP parts.
Compared with traditional injection molding process,high smooth non-mark rapid heating and cooling injection molding can improve products' surface glossiness,solving the problem of products' surface welding mark,also can improve the hardness of surface.What's more,high smooth non-mark rapid heating and cooling injection molding also can be used in the plus fiber engineering plastic,can solve the surface floating fiber problem effectively.
Wide Application Prospects in Electronics,automobile,commuication, daily necessities,medical equipment industry,etc,such as LCD TV,LCD ComputerMonitor,Laptop,Mobile phone,Car LCD,Automotive upholstery,Lamp and optical,OA,AV instrument,etc.




Power Supply



Total Power



Control Mode


Computer PLC process and human-computer interface control

Speed of Hot/Cool Transfer



Power of Cooling Pump



Size of inlet&outlet for cooling  water



Size of steam entrance



Size of steam circulation system



Dimensions (L*W*H)







1. We reserve the right to make changes to the above specifications without notification.
2. Some special specifications could be custom-manufactured as you requested.
Competitive Advantage:

1.         Remove weld lines,weld mark,ripple and sliver marks on the products' surface.

2.         Solve plastic products' surface shrink phenomenon for good.

3.         Improve the fineness level of products' surface,make fineness reaches mirror surface.

4.         Products don't need spray paint subsequent processing,improve the rate of finished products by 20-30%.

5.         Solve the floating fiber phenomenon of add fine products improve the quality.

6.         Make thin-walled forming improving injection liquidity,improve products' quality and intensity.

7.         Reducing the injection cycle by over 60% of thick-walled forming,improving the liquidity and filling effect of plastic.




Our service:
1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours.
2.We can send “Process Cooling&Heating Selection Table” to you for selecting suitable units.

3.We will offer detailed Technical Solution including configuratuion and design idea for you.
4.OEM&ODM, any your customized units we can help you to design and put into product

Service commitment
HONGGAN provides 15 months guarantee since date of bill of lading, all the products are passed strict test, Warranty period caused by product itself factors in the failure, we can replace or recondition the product without charge. If out of guarantee period, we still can charge the buyer cost price of spare parts and provide Technical Product support for customers.

Six Reasons To Choose HONGGAN As Your Partner
You want experience... we bring more than 10 years of process cooling&heating experience with knowledgeable application, product & service specialists available to discuss your needs. Our customer includes FamousUniversities, National Scientific Establishment, Well-known Foreign Companies and so on.
You want someone that understands your process... we have experience in a wide range of process cooling&heating industries. You can trust our experience to get you the correct solution to your problem.
You want a product that fits your unique needs... we offer a wide range of standard products, but standard products may not always fit your unique requirements. Our application specialists can suggest units that are customized to meet your unique needs.
You want specialized control... we build our own system controls from tailor made embedded microprocessor based products to PLC options. System control makes the difference in your process repeatability, efficiency and reliability. Control and communicate with AODE purpose built system controls!

You want powerful supplier…To meet the needs of customer better, the Company, in 2004, 2006, 2010, in China by Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjin established three manufacturing factories, total staff more than 300 people.
You want energy efficient solutions... our specialists are aware of the rising cost of energy and the pressure to reduce energy consumption and we offer many energy saving products that favor lifetime costs.

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