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Heating Cooling Cycle Steam Injection Molding Temperature Controller for Mobile phone

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Heating Cooling Cycle Steam Injection Molding Temperature Controller for Mobile phone

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Brand Name: Jiahui
Certification: CE、ROHS、 FCC
Model Number: BHC-1600

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Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Paypal
Detailed Product Description

Heating Cooling Cycle Steam Injection Molding Temperature Controller for Mobile phone


Reasons To Solving the Bond Lime


Content to improve


Bad appearance

Lustrous surface(remit line eliminate,stripe eliminate)

1.High quality

2.Cut down the cost


Low liquidity

1.Thin-walled forming

2.Thick-walled forming

3.High-accuracy forming

4.Low-liquidity resin


2.Short molding cycle

3.Wide application

High residual stress

1.Eliminate residual stress

2.Eliminate distorted


2.Suitable for optical products

This technology has been adopted by those manufacturers that have large production of auto parts or FDP parts.


Compared with traditional injection molding process,high smooth non-mark rapid heating and cooling injection molding can improve products' surface glossiness,solving the problem of products' surface welding mark,also can improve the hardness of surface.What's more,high smooth non-mark rapid heating and cooling injection molding also can be used in the plus fiber engineering plastic,can solve the surface floating fiber problem effectively.



Wide Application Prospects in Electronics,automobile,commuication, daily necessities,medical equipment industry,etc,such as LCD TV,LCD ComputerMonitor,Laptop,Mobile phone,Car LCD,Automotive upholstery,Lamp and optical,OA,AV instrument,etc.






Power Supply



Total Power



Control Mode


Computer PLC process and human-computer interface control

Amount of steam



Power of Cooling Pump



Size of inlet&outlet for cooling  water



Steam saturation temperature


Size of steam circulation system


1.2 (3/8*12)

Dimensions (L*W*H)






High-gloss & non-mark with rapid heating and cooling injection moulding technology system is also called one of the molding technologies as RHCM(Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding), this technology improves the moulds' surface temperature rapidly through the way of 180℃ heat water or high temperature steam etc,make the mould's surface temperature reach to over Tg Glass Transition Temperature,then starting injection moulding progress, when mould filling process is finished transferred into use cooling water as cooling media to decreasing the mould's surface temperature rapidly,thereby changing the plastic products' surface characteristics.

     In the nowadays high smooth non-mark rapid heating and cooling injection moulding production fields,according to the different heating media.can be divided into steam injection molding,electric injection molding,superheated water molding,etc.The development history of high smooth non-mark rapid heating and cooling injection moulding has been over 10 years by so far,Japanese and Korean 3D steam non-mark injection skills are widely used in the car and household electrical fields in the early time.But steam boilers are restricted in some areas by the local Environmental and safety supervision department,so AODE invested in the 180℃ superheated high smooth non-mark rapid heating and cooling injection moulding equipments in the 2005,established independent researching and developing team,put the machines into the market in the 2006,got the certificate exam and approved by the country at the time.During nearly four or five years AODE launches independent steam controller successively,steam happening and controlling integrated assistant equipment for customers to choose.


1. We reserve the right to make changes to the above specifications without notification.

2. Some special specifications could be custom-manufactured as you requested.



1.         Replace traditional non-mark boiler steam injection production completely.

2.         Whole units' parts imported from Europe and America,steam waste heat recovery cycle system available.

3.         Unibody design can cooperate with any other machines at any time,don't additional steam pipeline.

4.         Adopt electrical heating to produce steam,safe,environmental and inspection exemption.

5.         Modular machine includes steam-generating system,heating cooling switch controlling system,cold water pressure system.

6.         10.4 inches LED PCL man-machine interface operating system,touching operation,display in both Chinese and English.

7.         Inlay steam combination generator and steam recovery system doesn't need boiler system,don't need boiler examination and approval formalities.


Our service:
1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours.
2.We can send “Process Cooling&Heating Selection Table” to you for selecting suitable units.

3.We will offer detailed Technical Solution including configuratuion and design idea for you.
4.OEM&ODM, any your customized units we can help you to design and put into product


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